Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beauty and the Beast 3D Debuts Poster

Opening January 13, 2012 is Beauty and The Beast 3D in theaters nationwide. So far it has only played in the United States at The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. As it is my favorite Disney animated film, I went to go see it and was stunned! I loved this film even more! The film looks as if it knew that it would be transformed into 3D one day. You sweep through the trees, the buildings of the quiet village fade into the backgrounds, the ballroom sequence is even more eye-popping. There is a dimensionality here that feels almost true to life. I cannot wait to see it again!

Originally released in 1991, Beauty and the Beast is a classic "tale as old as time" that follows the adventures of Belle, a bright young woman imprisoned in the castle of a mysterious beast and his enchanted staff, who must learn the most important lesson of all – that true beauty comes from within. Beauty and the Beast was the first animated film ever nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Picture, earning an additional five Oscar® nominations and winning two. It has grossed $380.4 million worldwide.

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