Sunday, April 20, 2014

Maleficent Sneak Peek at Disney California Adventure!

Looking forward to the upcoming Disney movie Maleficent? Well, head to Disney California Adventure and to the home of It's Tough To Be A Bug to check out a sneak peek of the movie! You can even get a paper horn hat to wear for coming in! You can sort of see that I am wearing mine!
Heed the warning! The sneak peek can be loud and the last scene in particular can be frightening.
Check out the snazzy costumes worn by the Cast Members.
I love all the signage they created for this sneak peek.
Time to put on my horns and get ready to watch the sneak peek!

The Maleficent Sneak Peek is being shown at the It's Tough To Be A Bug Theatre. There is no end date but the movie opens May 30th. It is presented in RealD 3D.

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