Saturday, April 19, 2014

Amazing Disneyland Easter Egg Creations!

Time to check out the amazing hand painted Easter Egg creations one can find at Disneyland in the Big Thunder Ranch area!
Celia looks amazing!
My name is Mater! (You just said it in his voice didn't you?)
Come to the dark side! We have eggs!
What do you mean no disintegration?
Anyone care for tea?
Oh, there you are Perry!
Captain America is an egg-cellent leader!
True Magic!
These UP egg balloons are my favorite!
That mad grin on the Cheshire cat!
Flounder is looking for something.
Tinkerbell made an appearance.
This Beauty and The Beast egg is amazing!
Merida is ready to let an arrow fly!
I feel like dancing!
It's all about the presentation here!
Of course Thumper had to show up!
This Sulley and Boo egg is unbelievably well done! I love Sulley's fur!
Snow White is wishing for a prince!
Pocahontas can see with all the colors of the wind.
Ariel looks fantastic!
Helping to make a dress!
Alice loves Wonderland.
This Tiki Room egg and base are so impressive!
A super cute Thumper egg!
Watch out for hitchhiking ghosts!
EVE is searching for Wall-e!
Go get them cowgirl!
Jessie is ready for the square dance.
Lotso only seems friendly.
Ursula is happy to steal your voice.

Hope you enjoyed this look at the amazing hand paitned eggs at Disneyland! I look forward to what they are going to come up with next year!

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