Monday, November 26, 2012

Photo Update: Disneyland Resort (November 26, 2012)

Happy Holidays everyone! The Holidays are in full win at The Disneyland Resort! I realized that I didn't go over to The Disneyland Hotel to show you some of the Christmas trees there! So we shall start here at the main lobby of The Disneyland Hotel!
Then we shall move over to the Adventureland Tower!
I love that the tree here is themed appropriately!
Here is the tree for the Frontierland Tower!
The tree has these awesome 12 Days of Christmas ornaments that I wish they sold to us! I'll post all of them a little later today!
While taking photos I literally ran into a wedding!
Heading off into DCA now!
 Not that I need a map!
Goofy joined the Five & Dime gang!
Spent the day with my awesome friend Zoe! Red looks happy to see us!
Went on Screaming! Too bad the sun glare blocked Zoe's face! Sorry Zoe!
Stopped off at The Corn Dog Castle for some lunch! They have the best hot link corn dog!
 And I didn't get the chips! I opted instead for the apple slices!
Zoe's favorite movie is The Little Mermaid!
Scuttle is my favorite!
Then we went to go check in at The Hollywood Tower Hotel! For some reason only the service elevators were able to take us up to our rooms!
EPIC Photo Time!
Off to help Mike and Sulley rescue Boo!
Even Roz is in the Holiday Spirit! She liked our ears!
The afternoon sun continues to play havoc with us! This time it's with our friend Santa!
Then it was time to take the long walk over to Disneyland!
Beautiful City Hall!
Not a bad wait for one of my all-time favorite attractions! Time to be a pirate matey!
Now off to another one of my all-time favorites! I love The Haunted Mansion but I love Haunted Mansion Holiday even more! Making Christmas, Making Christmas!
After a couple of perilous journeys on Splash Mountain! Thankfully we didn't get wet! Zoe lucked out on this one! Heading over to visit Winnie The Pooh and then riding the runaway train on Big Thunder, we finally made it to night and to see this! Small World Holiday all lit up!
Off to Pizza Port for some dinner!
Took Zoe to see Captain EO since she had never seen it before!
Then it was time to head back to DCA and get our racing on in Cars Land!
Have I mentioned before how much I love the Christmas decorations in DCA?
Just a fun beauty shot of Cars Land!
And while it isn't always about winning, it is about how you enjoyed the ride! That's all for now! Look for more photos soon! If you have any requests or have any questions please leave a comment below! Thank you and hope you enjoyed your visit!

Oh and make sure you get your hand stamped on the way out!

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