Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Karate In The Garage!

Who or what is Karate In The Garage? A great new band that plays locally in the SoCal area! They can best be described as a punk/alt band but cover a wide range of genres! They will be releasing cover songs soon and hopefully a very cool Disney cover song! Karate In The Garage is led by the very talented and charming Tahlena Chikami! She is the lead vocalist and plays rhythm guitar! The rest of the band includes Brian Chapman on guitar, Sam Hall on bass, and Brandon Lowentrout on drums! I love the song Mac N Chi! The last three songs are their studio songs so far!

Look for a lot more from this exciting band! Shirt and CD giveaways are coming soon!

So please listen to their music - head to their Facebook page and "like" them! Tell them Sasaki Time sent you! And become a NINJA (it's what they call their fans)!
Karate In The Garage!


  1. Tell me more! They sound very interesting.

    Debbie chioffe