Monday, November 26, 2012

Disneyland Resort Merchandise Update (November 25, 2012)

Time to explore The Disneyland Resort in search of new merchandise! I love the pie-eyed Mickey and Minnie above!
 Wise you are to buy this Yoda Holiday plush!
 Love the Prep & Landing guys!
 Wish they had more of this type of ornaments for Buena Vista Street!
 Maybe next year they can really have this on Buena Vista Street?
 Love this retro shirt! I hope more items like this are on their way!
 And I hope less items like this are on their way! Really?
Yay for more Jessica Rabbit shirts! I love this one! Makes me feel all patriotic!
 Can someone build this as an actually piano bar? Maybe Downtown Disney?
 Classic! Where is Roger Rabbit 2?
 I'm not a fan of vinylmations but I know a lot of you out there are!
 Cool ball ornament!
 Love the checkered flag hat and scarf!
 Why didn't these come in adult sizes as well?
 Once again this would have been cool in adult sizes as well!
 Does anyone collect plates out there?
 At least they also made a mug! I guess this is for us adults! Haha!
 Glad they have this as an adult shirt!
 Even the sweatshirt is cool!
 I have to get one of these mugs!
 I love the cards but they should have made one with the Season's Speeding's logo!

Hope you enjoyed another look at some of the great merchandise options available at The Disneyland Resort! If you have any feedback, would like to see other merchandise included or have any questions please leave a comment below! Thank you!

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