Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Photo Review of Universal Studios Hollywood's Transformers: The Ride!

I know what you're thinking, but yes, here I am at another theme park! I'm at Universal Studios Hollywood for their Technical Rehearsal of Transformers: The Ride!
Here is the show building for Transformers: The Ride! I have to admit, the building isn't very impressive! I  heard that they were originally going to have two life-size Audio-Animatronic figures of Optimus Prime and Megatron fighting above the entranceway. That would have been epic!
We are now making our way into N.E.S.T. (Nonbiological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty) Headquarters! Good thing the queue area makes up for the lack of theming on the outside of the building!
I love signs! Good thing we have security clearance!
In the archives you get the backstory for the attraction.

The monitors play various videos explaining the backstory.
Don't know why but I loved this trash can built into the wall!
Some of the warnings they have. Transformers: The ride has a 40 inch height requirement. Riders not 48 inches tall must be accompanied by an adult.
The AllSpark!
Scorpono's tail that was blown off during the first Transformers movie.
The queue is endless! How long of a line are they expecting?
It kind of feels like the jetway at Soarin' Over California!
Instructional video! We walked right by all the videos, I guess we could have stayed to watch! Nah, I want to ride!
This is EVAC! He is an Autobot and the vehicle that you will be taking to get out of the area! Grab your 3D glasses and jump onboard!
After saving the planet, what better way to celebrate than buying merchandise? Some of the merchandise they have! License plate frames!
Autobots versus Decepticons!
Some of the Attraction specific merchandise!
A better look at the recruiting shirt!

Love that it looks like a M*A*S*H* shirt!

The white shirt is a color changing shirt based on your body temp and the image fills in with color! More than meets the eye!
Yay for Bumblebee merchandise!

E.B. didn't want to take a picture with me! I wonder why? Oh it's because of my PIXAR hoodie!
E.B. after I told him I would get him in a PIXAR movie! Not sure how that would happen but we took this awesome photo!

A great day at Universal Studios Hollywood! Transformers: The Ride will be a big hit for people! Expect large crowds and long waits during the summer! While I still feel that Spiderman at Islands of Adventure is better, this will be a popular attraction for those that haven't been to Florida! Crystal clear HD 3D and a great ride vehicle make this for a one of a kind experience! Autobots, transform and roll out to Universal Studios Hollywood!

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