Thursday, May 17, 2012

DCA Construction: Grizzly River Run 1998-1999

Early Grizzly Peak Conceptual Art! See the Grizzly Bear head carved into the far right of the peak?
Conceptual Art of Grizzly Peak!

Looking at the far right of the vehicles in the photo you can see the start of Grizzly River run!

A few months later the mountain is starting to go up!
A month later, more progress on the mountain!
You can see the the tunnel that is mine shaft 13 after you go down Drop 1!
Here is a better shot of the mountain!
The steel frame that will eventually become the peak itself!
The mountain is slowly rising!
Here you can see that construction on the entire park is in full swing! Past Grizzly Peak you can see the tunnels for California Screamin', the top of the Golden Zephyr, the ball that would eventually become the Orange Stinger and the three towers of the Maliboomer!
Here is one last photo of the peak before the observation deck was closed!

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