Saturday, March 31, 2012

Breaking: Massive Update to Disneyland's Jungle Cruise to tie-in with Jungle Cruise Movie!

After updating you last night on some great news about the Tom Hanks and Tim Allen Jungle Cruise movie, here are EXCLUSIVE concept art pieces of part of the massive update to Disneyland's World Famous Jungle Cruise Attraction as a tie-in with the new movie!

The movie centers around two skippers who are about to embark on the greatest journey in their lives! A wild series of events lead them into a part of the jungle that they have never seen before - A Lost World! The new Jungle Cruise attraction will take Guests into this same 'Lost World'

The top shows a section of river being drained to help excavate a dinosaur fossil!
You are now traveling deeper and deeper into the jungle!
As we travel under the large skeletal structure of a dinosaur, we see two small dinosaurs fighting each other for a scrap of meat! Wait, we see two dinosaurs fighting each other? Yes, clearly those are two genuine dinosaurs! What is going on here?
As we enter a clearing we see all sorts of dinosaurs including a Stegosaurus and several Brontosaurus'!
Our skipper heads towards the Bronto herd and tells us not to be afraid for these large creatures are gentle giants.
Then something happens! Your boat's engine backfires and startles the herd! They move quickly to attack us! The brave skipper drives us away, barely escaping with our lives!
As we move away from the herd, it appears that we are safe. Then we hear what sounds like giant birds. A group of pterodactyls swoop down upon us! The skipper once again saves us but leads us down a rough stretch of rapids!
We appear to be safe once again until we come across some T-Rex's! Fortunately for us they are only interested in attacking one another!

Whew! What an adventure! I wish I could go into more detail but that will have to wait for another time! Full movie details will be announced tomorrow at Disneyland in front of the Jungle Cruise along with the attraction update! The Jungle Cruise movie opens March 2014 with the new attraction opening in March 2014 as well!

Oh yeah - APRIL FOOL'S!