Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sasaki Time Holiday Guide - Marvel - Toys, Books and More!!!

Here is my Holiday Gift Guide for some of my favorite things Marvel related!!

One of the best Marvel films to date! Captain America: The Winter Soldier forever changed the way we look at superhero films! This high charged political thriller will change the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever with long lasting effects for years to come!

The changes felt in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is even influencing the direction of the top tv show, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD! This fantastic tv show got off to a slow start but then the fallout of The Winter Soldier gave this tv show so many twists and turns that you will want to watch all of this from the beginning!

Next up is the awesome Guardians of the Galaxy! Each Marvel film keeps getting better and better!
Guardians showcased fantastic new characters and fabulous new worlds. I can't wait to see how the Guardians meet up with the rest of the Marvel characters we already know!

One of my favorite soundtracks of the year is the awesome Guardians of The Galaxy CD! Not only do you get the Awesome Mix Tape Vol. 1 songs but also the entire score!

Next up are these awesome scaler figures of Rocket and Groot! You can attach them to any headphone cord or window blinds and more!

More Groot you say? Well here is the Dancing Groot Funko figure! Probably the best thing I have seen all year!

And Groot would not be complete without his friend Rocket! This is my favorite Funko figure so far - the Rocket Raccoon Fabrikation figure!

Read Marvel's Civil War and see what may happen in the next Captain America!

The gorgeous Art of Captain America: The Winter Soldier book! Perfect for any fan of the movie and wants to dive further into the movie!

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