Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Cars Land Merchandise (12/15/2014)

Cars Land is already one of my favorite places to look for park merchandise and they have a great new collection of Holiday merchandise and some new area merchandise!
I think I need this Season's Speedings shirt!
These shirts featuring Ramon and Flo remind me of a cartoon auto magazine I used to read as a child.
That Ramon and Flo artwork extends to these water bottles!
Flo also gets this great new hat!
Stanley finally gets a great long-sleeved shirt!
Time Travel Mater gets its own product line! Check out these mugs!
There is also this great kids shirt and there is also and adult sized shirt as well!
I love this neon sign group of merchandise!
Sarge's Surplus Hut neon sign shirt!
I love this glow in the dark Cars Land shirt!
Cool neon sign Cars Land hat!
And time to end this look at the new Cars Land merchandise with this great Cozy Cone Motel neon sign shirt!

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