Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Disneyland Photos at Christmas Time

Christmas Time at Disneyland is my favorite time of the year! Let's start off the photos with this new angle of the Disneyland Christmas Tree taken from the Disneyland Fire House!
Snow flurries greet you at the turnstiles! The snow never bothered me anyway!
Various wreaths greet you near the floral Mickey! This is my favorite!
Look how festive Main Street is!
A closer look at the Mickey wreath!
A lovely day in Walt's park! Snow has even fallen on the castle!
At night the park takes on a whole new level of magic!
One of my favorites is small world holiday! The lights are stunning from any angle of the show building!
How can you not feel festive? Who wants to go on the attraction with me?
I love this train ornament on the Disneyland Christmas Tree!
A look at more of the decorations on the tree!
Taking a look down Main Street at night! Now this is Christmas for me!
Another look at the Disneyland Christmas Tree!
One more look at the Disneyland Christmas Tree from the Disneyland Fire House!

Decorations will remain up in the park until January 6, 2015!

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