Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Restaurant Review: Hula Girls Shave Ice - Ice Cream, Dole Whip & More!

Time for another restaurant review! This time I went next door from Dough Dough's Hawaiian Cafe to Hula Girls Shave Ice!
This is shave ice like you would get on the islands. Not that snow cone stuff but actual shave ice. Soft ice with delicious fruit flavors. You can choose from several pre-set options or create your own. You also have a lot of options like adding a snow-cap (condensed milk) which I always do. You can also add ice cream or even dole whip! Dole whip you say? Yes, just like at Disneyland but without the massive long line!

The shave ice creation above has both a snow-cap and dole whip! Heaven must taste like this!
Here is a regular shave ice with a snow-cap! The regular size shave ice is large enough to satisfy pretty much anyone. I can't imagine how big the large is!
Here is a look at their dole whip! Just as good if not better than Disneyland without the long wait!
The entire dole whip in all of it's glory!

Hula girls Shave Ice is located next door to Dough Dough's Hawaiian Cafe and is actually connected on the inside. So have breakfast, lunch of dinner and then get dessert!

16556 Bolsa Chica St.
Huntington Beach, Ca 92649

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