Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Mythbuster? Check Out The Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition!

I love the Discovery Science Center! I am just a big kid and I look forward to every visit here! This is a fantastic place to take your kids if you are in the Disneyland area. And if you are in the area between now and September 7, 2014 you can check out the outstanding Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition!

If you are not familiar with the Mythbusters, well they put myths such as Hollywood stunts, urban legends and other things that you might think are true to the test using scientific principles.

Sasaki Time was invited to check out the exhibit a few days before it opened to the public!
As you can see I totally geeked out and came dressed up for the event! Yes, I have my own safety vest and hardhat! Don't you?
There are tons of props that have come directly from the show!
Here I am with Buster, the amazing test dummy that you see getting damaged time and time again in the various experiments on the show!
I was terrified to find one of my favorite props here!
There are so many hands-on myths to try out for yourself! My friends and I tried every single one! This is one I couldn't wait to try out for myself!
You can just see the focus on my face! Sadly I didn't pull off the stunt flawlessly!
But my friend Cesar did the stunt perfectly!
One of my favorite myths is here! The Killer Card Toss! Can you toss a playing card with so much force that it could kill a person?
There are even tips on how to toss the playing card! But this myth was actually shown to be busted! You cannot throw a playing card hard enough to kill a person! Thank goodness!
This was another awesome myth I put to the test! Can I change into my superhero suit in a telephone booth in under a minute?
Here we go!
I failed this one as well! But saw several people able to do it well under the time limit!
I had to try out the phone book swing! I needed to see if my weight could be held up by phone books!
Success! Who knew that phone books were so strong?
Cesar then volunteered for the stage show! Sadly he didn't have the fastest reflexes! Patty won and check out the video below to see how they put her quick reflexes to the test!

I think Cesar was pretty happy that he didn't have to do this!

There are a ton more myths to try out and this is an exhibit you do not want to miss! The science involved is intriguing and so much fun for kids and adults alike! The minimal add-on price to check out the Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition is more than worth your money!

The exhibit runs until September 7, 2014!

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