Monday, June 30, 2014

Grizzly Peak Recreational Area Black and White Photos plus a few Long Exposure Photos

Time for some black and white photos around the Grizzly Peak Recreational Area! I also took a few long exposure photos of Frog Jump Falls.

I love the pelton wheel here next to Eureka Gold and Timber Company building. The building was the old stamp mill when it was still a working gold mining company. The ore would come down what is now the lift and then the ore would be crushed.
Taking a look at the lift at Grizzly River Run.
A lonely evening near one of the old mine shafts along Red Top Road. Some great details in this location include the mine shaft itself which is now raft storage and of course the ore carts in front.
I love this old Toyota truck. I wonder if it still runs?
My first time at trying a long exposure shot. I think I did pretty well for my first time! This is the upper falls!
Here is the bottom part of the falls!
The fog appears to be creeping in tonight. Not a place that I want to get lost at!

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at the Grizzly Peak Recreational Area! Please let me know if there are any photos or video of anything happeneing in Disneyland or Disney California Advneture that you are interested in seeing!


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