Monday, June 30, 2014

Restaurant Review: Donut Bar in Fountain Valley! The Best Donuts in the OC?

As many of you know, I LOVE donuts! I am always looking for the next great donut place! This is the Donut Bar in Fountain Valley! Check out the donuts above! They make everything in house! Everything is made fresh daily! The donut options also change from a day to day basis! Luckily their Facebook page shows you the donuts they will have the next day! And when they sell out, they are done for the day!

The donuts above and starting with those at the top are two kinds of red velvet donuts! One is a red velvet cake donut and the other is red velvet glazed donut! Then a strawberry split and their gluten-free donut of the day a banana caramel donut. The bottom one is a salted caramel donut! All are amazing! None of the donuts are heavy. They are all light and fluffy. They offer a different gluten-free donut every day unlike some places that only offer them once a week.
In the next box we have a fresh blueberry donut to the upper left and a creme brulee donut right below that. The giant donut is a raspberry pistachio donut! All were so good and fresh! All these donuts were also light and fluffy! You are going to be hard pressed to just pick one or two donuts!
The bottom box here has a maple bacon bar, a mud pie donut, the cherry in the middle is the root beer float donut (yes it really does taste like a root beer float), and the last one is the amazing bourbon maple donut! The glaze is maple bourbon and you will taste the bourbon! Oh yes, you will taste the bourbon! They should almost card you before they sell you one!
The Donut Bar also carries some great drinks to wash down those donuts with! Check out the Stumptown coffee I have here! One of the best coffee places provides coffee to accompany these amazing donuts!
Check out the drink list! Do you see what I see? That's right milk on tap! You know I am going to have to try some of that!
Delicious chocolate milk is on tap! So is the strawberry milk that they mix milk with strawberries in house! If you ask you can get a Neapolitan milk like the one you see in the above photo!
They also have this massive chalk board where you can write down suggestions for new donuts or simply tell the Donut Bar how awesome they are!

Amazingly fresh donuts with fantastic flavors and great coffee and milk! Plus, awesome employees make this the best donut place in the entire OC! Get there early as they have limited hours! Also, on the weekends they have special donuts for kids. One donut per child and adults can buy these fun cartoon character donuts!

  • Donut Bar
  • 18011 Newhope St.
  • Fountain Valley, California 92708

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