Saturday, January 11, 2014

Restaurant Review: Surah Korean BBQ!

As many of you know I am a huge fan of Korean BBQ. I have to go to All You Can Eat (AYCE) places to get my fill of the various proteins that are available. I had been hearing a lot about this place in Buena Park that served mostly Kobe Beef and it's American equivalent Wagyu.  I finally got to go to Surah Korean BBQ in Buena Park the other night to try them out.
The price is a great value for Kobe Beef and Wagyu! Please note that if you go on Saturdays you have to go with a minimum of three people in order to do the AYCE! Trust me you will need the support to get through as many of the amazing offerings they have here!
You can order a delicious bowl of fish eggs over rice. They are so brightly colored that I thought it was shaved ice.
There are so many side dishes that they bring out to you and happily refill! Here are some of my favorites! The baby clams are so good and spicy that I could not stop eating them!
The pickled baby bok choy was so good!
I love tempura cucumbers!
Bean sprouts are one of my favorites!
Daikon kim chi is one of my all-time favorite kim chi's!
Traditional cabbage kim chi is another kim chi favorite of mine!
But the real reason I was here was for the meat! Check out the beautifully marbleized Kobe Beef brisket! Each piece cooks up fast as it is so thinly shaved and the meat is so soft it literally feels like it is melting in your mouth!
These are the Kobe Beef rib fingers! These finger sized cuts of Kobe Beef are also super tender and flavorful! You can really taste the quality of the beef here!
This is the marinated short rib! This is so coveted that you can only get one order per person even with the AYCE! The meat is so flavorful and tender that you can see why there is only one order per person. You would never stop ordering this if you were allowed to! Yes, it is really that good! So make sure you order it early in your meal because this is one you do not want to miss out on!
This is the beef tenderloin that you are also limited to one order for every two people. The meat is so tender as well!
The duck can only be ordered as your last order since they give you a different grill to cook on. But once you order the duck you can order as much as you want! I am a huge fan of duck and you don't see it at most other AYCE Korean BBQ places! The fat adds so much flavor to the meat! Such a great way to end your meal!

So come hungry and bring friends who are just as hungry as you! The quality of the Kobe Beef and the Wagyu will keep you coming back! Great service plus a relatively quiet dining experience are two more huge pluses!

Check out their web site for more info:

Surah Korean BBQ & Sushi

5333 Beach Blvd.

Buena Park, CA

(714) 523-0056

Open daily, 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. 

All-you-can-eat barbecue, $27.99 per person (minimum of three diners on Sat., two the rest 

of the week). 

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