Friday, January 31, 2014

Restaurant Review: Umami Burger's - The Voltaggio Monte Cristo - Limited Time Offering!

Behold The Voltaggio Monte Cristo burger! It was created by "Top Chef" winner Michael Voltaggio! This item will be featured at all Umami Burger locations for about six weeks starting a few days ago and lasting until March! Plus a dollar from each burger will go towards the Los Angeles Mission!
So, with that, it was off to my closest Umami Burger, which is the Anaheim location!

Check out the description of this burger! Vanilla custard-soaked deep fried buns? This is sounding like an amazing donut burger!
Lil Oishi was happy to start off lunch with a recommended Mama's Pilsner on tap! I always ask the server or the bartender for their recommendation based on what I am going to order! You will almost never go wrong and find a great new beer or drink!
For those of you that have been following me for awhile now know that I love secret menu items. At Umami Burger I always order the cheesy tots! I love tater tots and this massive tater tot mixed with gooey cheese is always great! I also always order the Diablo sauce on the side! Bring the heat! I also added the Diablo sauce into my burger and it made an already great burger even better!
AS you can see Lil Oishi is super happy to see this awesome burger up close and personal! The first bite will tell you how decadent this burger is! Then dip it into the pure maple syrup and the smile on your face can't be replaced. That is until you put in some of the Diablo sauce then dip the burger back into the maple syrup! Flavor explosion! I made quick work of this burger! It felt like my entree and dessert all in one course! A perfect combination of sweet and savory!

Sign me up coach I want another one right now!

For more information on Umami Burger head to their site:

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