Sunday, January 19, 2014

Disneyland Resort Magic: Chavez Family Baby Announcement Photo Adventure!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of joining my friends Matt, Amanda, their daughter Kaleesi as they went to The Disneyland Resort to take baby announcement photos to announce their newest Mouseketeer! The morning started by heading into Disney California Adventure to pick up some new mouse ears. We didn't find what we were looking for and ending up stopping two stores managers Kacie and Missy. We ran our ideas by them and they spent so much time helping us out while Matt and Amanda came up with other ideas. Matt asked them if they might have a silver permanent marker so he could write the year of birth in each of the mouse ears we were going to buy. The ladies did us one better and brought us Mary, one of their Cast Members, who was really creative and had some amazing penmanship. Mary took the ears backstage and produced the following artwork on each of the ears!
Check out the beautifully decorated ears created by Mary!
The whole family wanted to take a photo with Mary before we headed out on our photo adventure!
The new baby's mouse ears had the honor of the first photo of the day with The Carthay Circle Theater in the background!
Then it was time to head to Cars Land to take the first family hat photo with the Cadillac Range in the background.
I think this was the family's reaction when they heard the awesome news that they were expecting once again!
One of the most difficult shots of the day! I'm actually hiding behind the trashcan while holding Matt and Amanda's hats!
Love the tiered hats near Grizzly Peak!
Even Walt and Mickey wanted to get in on the photo shoot!
All fairy tales start with once upon a time! Amanda with her ears and the new baby's ears!
Matt had to get in on the act! Wearing the baby's ears the whole family will live happily ever after!
Had to get at least one photo with Matt and Amanda!
We then headed out to Disneyland! Amanda very carefully setting up the hats at the Disneyland entrance!
Such a fun photo!
I think Pinocchio wanted the baby's ears!
In front of the iconic Disneyland castle. Amanda is setting up the ears on one of the hedges.
Matt is carefully lining up the shot!
And here is the final shot of the day, the actual announcement itself! Hope you enjoyed this fantastic day with some great friends! Thank you to the Chavez family for allowing me to tag along with them and to share this day with all of you!

Special thanks to Kacie, Missy and Mary for adding to this Magical day! It's Cast Members like you that continue Walt's Dream!


  1. Amazing, amazing, amazing. You are such a special person as are many of the cast member. Thank you all for going one step beyond and helping the family produce a priceless memory!

    Grandma Chavez

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