Saturday, January 25, 2014

Restaurant Review: Linx Dogs in Orange!

Here is my fourth restaurant review of 2014! This is Linx Dogs in Orange! It is located near the Orange Circle on Chapman!
The sign says it all - artisan sausage, craft beer and Belgian frites! What more do you need?

With so many choices I was glad I was here with a small army to try a little bit of pretty much everything on the menu!
My buddy Derek went for the Double Down Burrito! A Huge double hot dog, chili con coney, applewood smoked bacon, pinto beans, four cheese, pico de gallo, and wrapped in a flour tortilla!
My friend Chris had the BBQ, Bacon and Blues Dog which combined a smoked cheddar bratwurst, bacon marmalade, blue-cheese-bacon aioli, honey mustard, honey BBQ, crispy onions on a potato roll!
This is the Sonora Dog which combined a grilled frank, applewood smoked bacon, pinto beans, grilled jalapenos and onions, trinity, and four cheese on a potato roll!
My buddy Anthony had a Curry Wurst which was a 1/3 pound knackwurst, curry ketchup, and frites!
I went for the beer flight which cost $12 for 6 4-ounce draught beers which you got to choose from their selection! They change out their beer selection often which is more than enough reason to go back and try new beers and try all of their various hot dog offerings!
I went with the two hot dogs for $10 combo and got a small order or the frites with the sriracha mayo for my dipping sauce!
The frites were perfectly seasoned with sea salt and fresh herbs! The sriracha mayo was spicy and went perfectly with the frites! My only regret was not ordering the large frites! Next time!
I got the T.J. Street Dog which combines a spicy polish, applewood smoked bacon, chorizo mayo, giardiniera relish, avocado, and cilantro on a potato roll. So many toppings! I used my fork to push the toppings down and they still spilled over into the tray the dog was served in! So many flavors but they all blend together so well! A great choice here!
My other dog was the Coney Dog which combined a griddled frank, chili con coney, yellow mustard, and vidalia onions on a potato roll! The chili con coney is not too spicy and the flavors here combined for one of the best chili dogs I have ever eaten in my life! I will gladly order this one again and again!

Great ambiance, great food and great service make for a great meal! Despite the massive amount of food that I ate, it wasn't heavy so I didn't feel lethargic afterwards which is always a plus! I can see this small place being packed at night for dinner but there is outdoor seating as well! So come early to eat and drink until you can't eat or drink anymore!

  • 238 W Chapman Avenue
  • Ste 100
  • Orange, CA 92866

(714) 744-3647

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