Saturday, January 11, 2014

Disneyland Trip Report (1/10/14) - Subs - Star Wars Land - and Simply Looking Up!

The first Disneyland Trip Report for 2014 is here! Just another lovely day at Disneyland! Don't you wish you were here? Well, sit back, enjoy your cup or coffee or tea and take a look at Disneyland on a beautiful day!
Watching one of the Disneyland artists hard at work in the Disneyland Gallery on Main Street!
Never looked up to notice this before. Maybe I should look up more often! I sense a trend coming up!
Love this Disneyland model showing how the park looked on Opening Day. You can find this in the lobby of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.
Here you can see one of the benches from Griffith Park but at The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco you can sit on one of the benches!
Closer look at the plaque on the bench!
One of the original merry-go-round horses from Griffith Park.
A closer look at the plaque!
Love this display! Once again one of those you must look up to notice!
Feels so much like 1950s Disneyland classic!
How can you not take a photo of the Partners Statue?
How much longer will we see this as the entrance into Tomorrowland? The rumor is that the entrance into Tomorrowland will once again be opened up and not creating the pinch point that the rockwork and the Astro-Orbitor cause now.
Trying to be artistic. Didn't quite work!
Walking by the Matterhorn and thinking about the Star Wars Land rumors for Tomorrowland inspired me to take this photo. If the rumors prove themselves to be true and Subs and Autopia both close to make way for the moon of Endor area, then the transition from the forest of Endor to the forest of the Matterhorn will be fairly flawless!

Can't you just see the Ewok Village with meet and greets and maybe an awesome BBQ place for meats and such found on Endor?
Are the subs truly down for a rehab or just not coming back?
Are our subs going the way of Walt Disney World's?
So sad to think of the subs possibly going away forever.
One of my favorite subs.
Looking at the exit of the caverns.
The hatch is open inviting us inside!
Even the seagulls on the buoy are gone.
Love this shot with the ferns.
Sad to not see the waterfalls running.
One last look at the subs for now.
But as one attraction is getting ready for a massive rehab or a permanent closure, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is getting ready to re-open next month. I can't wait to go back on the Wildest Ride in The Wilderness!
A quiet day along the Rivers of America.
Fantasmic is down for a refurb right now. So weird to see people working on the infrastructure and surrounded by water.

Jack is making his way out of the mansion.
Looking up allowed me to find this Hidden Mickey in Adventureland.
I found all of these wonderful trinkets by looking up!
They need to sell these spears! Ok not really!
More observations by simply looking up!
I found the genie's lamp. What wishes should I make?
As a huge Mary Poppins fan I can't believe how many times I must have missed this display. The Bert doll looks way too much like Dick Van Dyke. Very cool and creepy at the same time!
You can fly! You can fly! You can fly! I love this Peter Pan display!
On last thing to notice by simply looking up! The light is of course on in Walt's apartment!

Hope you enjoyed this look at Disneyland! Look for more trip reports in the near future!

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  1. I think it would be horrible to close Autopia and the subs! They are so wonderful for families to enjoy together, so many memories!