Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review of The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live!

My friend Daisy and I went to the first showing of The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live at Downtown Disney in Anaheim.

The Second Screen Live allows one to bring their iPad into the theater and play games, answer trivia and sing-a-long with the songs while watching the movie on the big screen with other theater goers.

This is the second time Disney has offered this one of a kind experience in the theaters. The first was for The nightmare Before Christmas that they are doing once again this year. 
Getting ready for the movie to start!
There is an intro from Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel, who takes you through the process to make sure your iPad is ready to go.
One of the mazes you get to do to help some of the characters out as the movie unfolds. It's all synched up with the movie in the same way that Disney offers Second Screen on some of their blu-rays for the home audience. But the home audience only gets to use Second Screen for additional information. Second Screen Live in the theaters is all about fun and games while you watch the movie.
I found myself singing louder than normal!
Under The Sea!
You know you want to Kiss The Girl!

Now I didn't take any photos while the trivia was playing because they have a time limit and the faster you answer the more points you get! The person with the most points won a prize at the end of the movie! The movie even takes breaks while the characters interact to show off point totals and more!
Sasaki Time for the win! Actually Daisy won but our iPads kept showing different scores! We brought this to the Disney reps attention at the end of the movie.
This Limited Collector's Edition individually numbered poster was our prize!

Daisy and I loved this and wish that there were more people in the theater to play against. We are definitely fans and are encouraging more friends to come and check this out! We both look forward to The Nightmare Before Christmas and hope we get invited back for another media preview!

An iPad is not necessary if you just want to watch the movie but you will feel left out when others are cheering or laughing at the games they are playing throughout the movie!

The Second Screen Live is only being offered at select theaters across the country:

·       City Center 15: Cinema de Lux; White Plains, NY
·       Farmingdale Multiplex Cinemas; Farmingdale, NY
·       Arclight Beach Cities; El Segundo, CA
·       Arclight Sherman Oaks; Sherman Oaks, CA
·       Muvico Thousand Oaks 14; Thousand Oaks, CA
·       AMC Empire 25; New York, NY
·       AMC Garden State 16; Paramus, NJ
·       AMC Burbank 16; Burbank, CA
·       AMC Downtown Disney 12; Anaheim, CA
·       AMC Bay Street 16; Emeryville, CA
·       AMC Town Center 20; Leawood, KS
·       Century Huntington Beach and XD; Huntington Beach, CA
·       Cinemark West Plano and XD; West Plano, TX
·       Carmike Wynnsong 16; Knoxville, TN
·       Carmike 15; Columbus, GA

And a special run is taking place at the El Capitan theater in Los Angeles, CA on Sundays & Thursdays from September 15th through October 13th.

For more information about The Little Mermaid: Second Screen Live! theater screenings, locations and ticket purchases, visit . Tickets are now available for purchase online or at the box office of participating theaters.

To download the FREE “Second Screen Live: The Little Mermaid App,” visit the iTunes Store. (iPad or iPad mini with iOS 5.0 or higher is required.)

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