Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eating Challenge: Triple Threat Challenge at Ola Hawaiian BBQ!

Thursday was my first time entering the world of competitive eating. Yes, this was my crazy idea and yet I had three great friends who stepped up to take the challenge with me!

As Jedi Master Obi-Wan said , "Who's the more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?"

We were all about to find out!

We went to Ola Hawaiian BBQ in Fullerton. (Address at the end) They are the home to two eating challenges, the first is the Triple Threat Challenge and the second is the Stan Musubi Challenge.

The Triple Threat Challenge is to eat nine musubi (three spam, three chicken and three beef) and three scoops of mac salad in 15 minutes. The Stan Musubi is to eat a 7 pound musubi with spam, chicken and beef inside in 35 minutes. We decided the lesser of the two evils was the Triple Threat Challenge!

Oh, and for those of you who don't know what musubi is, then allow me to explain. A musubi is simply rice wrapped around in nori (seaweed). Anything can be placed on top or in the middle of the musubi but it's more popularly served with spam or chicken or beef teriyaki on top or in the middle!
I'm getting ready to sign the waiver! The two toughest things on the waiver is that you can't stand up during any point once the challenge begins and that you cannot drink anything during the challenge!
Here is my plate or tray! Wow, that is a ton of food!
I'm all smiles now! Will I still be all smiles at the end of the challenge?
Here we are before the challenge begins! Bryan is on my left, DJ to my right and Mark to the far right!
It appears that both DJ and Mark are impressed by my eating ability. In the beginning Mark was in the early lead. DJ had pretty much hit the wall early and Bryan was right behind me.

It felt like an eternity by the time we reached the halfway mark. I was starting to hit the wall. What made it tough was the constant chewing and not being able to drink anything. Your mouth starts to get tired and then you start to run out of saliva in your mouth to help you swallow the food down. Then your mind starts to tell you that you are full.
In the end I ate the most and only had two of my musubi left. I destroyed the mac salad that was one of the best I have even had next to my mom's!

Yes, we all failed miserably but had a great time!
One last photo!

After we were done, it felt so good to get something to drink!

The challenge is $25 a person and if you beat the challenge then it's free and you get a shirt and your photo on the Wall of Fame. We lost and ended up on the Wall of Shame!

Now, who is ready for the next eating challenge?

Ola Hawaiian BBQ
733 N Placentia Ave
Fullerton, CA 92831

(714) 996-3288
Web site

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