Thursday, February 28, 2013

Disneyland Resort Photo Trip Report (2/28/13)

Spent a few hours testing the new camera in DCA.
Just another beautiful day here in SoCal!
Taking time to see the spring colors come in!
Spring is almost here!
Attempt to look for a style! Still looking!
Love the waterfall at Grizzly Peak.
Taking a trip down Route 66.
Love when the taillights are in bloom!
A peaceful day along the racetrack.
The mighty Cadillac Range looks so far away.
Love this view from the natural archway.
One of my favorite places to take a photo of Grizzly Peak.
One of the old logging machines along the river bank.
Another great view of the Peak.
Trying to make the photo look vintage with some grain.
One more attempt at creating a vintage look.
Taking in the color in Disneyland.
Enjoying a wonderful day with Walt and Mickey.
One of my favorite places to take a photo of the castle.
One of my favorite Disney mountains.
The Princess Fantasy Faire is getting ready to open on March 12th.
One of my favorite lands.
The temple awaits.
Another old temple across the river.
Ancient ruins.
Ending a quick trip by saying Good Afternoon to Walt in his apartment.

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