Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Walt Disney Studios: Summer Celebration Day!

Arriving at The Walt Disney Studios on Tuesday July 24, 2012! Ready to head to the Studio Celebration Day! It is their second annual event but the first time I have been able to attend!
We got there early as they were still setting up the booths!
Legends Plaza filled with seats for dining!
 Miniature Golf in front of The Partners Statue? Yes please!
Corn on the Cob! One of my favorite summer time foods! Extra butter on mine please!
Grilling chicken and hamburgers over here! One of each please!
Hot Dogs and Chili Dogs? And nachos? Yes please!
All the fixin's you could want!
I tried pretty much one of each! It was all amazing!
Don't forget about dessert! Ice cream and just about every topping imaginable was there! Plus there bite size were brownies!
Kettle corn!
Rides too? I didn't have the stomach to try this one!
It looked too high for me!
Yes! Time to launch water balloons at one another!
The ferris wheel didn't seem too high!
Free games of skill!
After playing a few games I went on the ferris wheel! This isn't so high!
Still not too bad but man was it fast!
After the Summer Celebration it was off to Walt Disney Imagineering! Such a pretty campus!
Mickey looked daper as usual!
Even the flag in front of the main Imagineering building had its flag lowered for the event in Colorado.

I hope you enjoyed this photo tour of The Walt Disney Studios Summer Celebration! I hope they do this again next year!

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