Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Ronald Reagan Library and The Walt Disney Archives Exhibit Part Two!

Welcome to Part Two of the Tour of The Ronald Reagan Library and The Walt Disney Archives Exhibit! We have moved into The Walt Disney Archives Exhibit and see an early sketch of Walt's first character Oswald The Lucky Rabbit!
Here is a look at some Oswald merchandise!
This is the flag that flew in Marceline!
A look at an animators desk as it may have appeared at The Walt Disney Studio!
Maquettes used for Pinocchio!
Live action reference costume for Pinocchio!
Some figures from Fantasia!
The beauitful storybook for Sleeping Beauty!
The storybooks for Cinderella and Snow White!
Herb Ryman's drawing of what Disneyland might look like!
A recreation of Walt's office at The Walt Disney Studios!
The other side of Walt's office!

The mechanical bird that Walt's wife Lillian bought and started this whole fascination that led to Audio Animatronic figures!
Walt and the Mickey Mouse plush he had with him at Disneyland!
Walt's copy of Mary Poppins signed by author P.L.Travers!
P.L. Travers inscription to Walt!
Disneyland employee badge number 1!
Disneyland admission ticket number 1!
Walt's script and notes for the plaques as you enter the tunnel to take you into Disneyland!
Parking Pass and Opening Day Press Pass for Disneyland!
A huge model of the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea!
It's a Jolly Holiday with Mary! The original costume!
A sweatshirt from The Happiest Millionaire!
From Bedknobs and Broomsticks!
The crown of the King of the Leprechauns!
Costumes from Babes in Toyland!
A prop from Babes in Tyoland!
More props from Babes in Toyland!

Part 3 will be posted shortly!

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