Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Ronald Reagan Library and The Walt Disney Archives Exhibit Part One!

Welcome to part one of The Ronald Reagan Library and The Walt Disney Archives Exhibition! This review is very photo heavy so I decided to break it up into sections. This first section will focus mainly on the Ronald Reagan Museum portion of the tour.
Sorry that this picture came out blurry! Statues of Ronald and Nancy Reagan greet you as you begin your tour!
They have several photo opportunity locations throughout the museum! This one shows what it feels like to the President giving an address and using the teleprompters! not as easy as one would think!
They have a wing that houses the Air Force One that Ronald Reagan flew during his terms in office! You can actually walk through Air Force One! No photos are allowed inside however!
The Presidential limo!
I love the license plate!
Here is Marine One!
A great statue of Reagan and Gorbachev during one of their summits.
They have a steel beam from one of the World Trade Center Towers.
Another look at the beam.
Some information about the beam.
Ronnie and I riding horses on his ranch!
An actual section of the Berlin Wall.
The Gippers final resting place.

Ronald Reagan's view.

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the Ronald Reagan Library! The docents are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable! I will be posting the rest of the tour featuring The Walt Disney Archives Exhibit soon!

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