Thursday, June 28, 2012

Developing: First Marvel Animated Feature Film?

All signs are pointing to Big Hero 6 to be adapted by Don Hall by Walt Disney Animation Studios for as early as a 2014 release! Developing...

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  1. Ok first let me start off by saying I have done midnight and multiple viewings of all the Marvel (Avengers Universe) films to date, ok maybe not Hulk, but still I have enjoyed all of them.

    Is it just me or does it seem like Disney is trying to turn Marvel films into the next Tinker Bell? I am fine with 1 or 2 movies coming out a year, but Hero 6 (animated) and them trying to almost forces out the films as fast as they can just seems like the same thing they always do. If you look back in the past 15 years or so once they find a cash cow they bleed it for all its worth. Just think of Pooh, Stitch and Tinker Bell where they would slap them on anything they could to make a few bucks....lets hope Marvel sticks to making the quality over quantity!