Sunday, June 17, 2012

Disney California Adventure Re-opening June 15, 2012: Opening and Buena Vista Street! (Photo Heavy)

Sorry that it's fuzzy but then again it is like 530 in the morning! But the electronic sign at the Mickey and Friends parking structure says Disney California Adventure Grand Re-opening! After the announcement in October of 2007, this has been a day that I have been anxiously looking forward too!
This is the crowd that greeted us at 6am! I would say that there were about 1500 people in front of us!
 While waitiing in line my friend Kristi noticed these shoes!

 Check them out! Hand painted Red Car Trolley designs! Awesome!

The Grand Re-opening ceremony has started! Bob Iger is on stage! They had a great huge electronic screen for those that couldn't make it inside the park!
The main mouse himself with Bob!
With morning fireworks, the NEW Disney California Adventure was open!
Guest Control did a fantastic job getting folks in quickly and safely!
Sally was my first ticket into the NEW park!
Some new maps in hand and off we go!
Check out the crowd pouring in! Here is Oswald's! So happy to see Walt's first character have a place named after him!
Standing in front of Oswald's with Micah, one of the motormen of the Red Car Trolley!
My friends Kristi and Kevin onboard the Red Car Trolley! The Red Car Trolley brings so much great kinetic energy to the area! I love it!
The attention is in the details! So much better than the horrible old entrance way into the park!
 The advertisements are for the businesses along Buena Vista Street! A great touch!

A look inside the Red Car Trolley!
Crossing underneath the Hyperion Bridge! This use to be the Golden Gate Bridge that the monorail passed through!
 This looks like a good art school!
 I've heard great things about these "nine old men"!
 Hmmm a good selection of art supplies!
Great selection of paints! The World is Carousel of Color!
Which one do I pick? Is one of each too much?
Oh man, there's more to choose from! This is quite the dilemma but what a dilemma it is!
Elias & Company Department Store!

Another view at the Elias & Company Department Store!
It's The Rocketeer!
Disneyland Resort President George Kalogridis took time to stop and pose for a photo with me!

This is the Fiddler, Practical and Fifer Cafe! Starbucks is inside!
The beautiful fountain in the Carthay Circle!

The impressive Carthay Circle Theatre!
 Taking a photo with Walt! The Storytellers Statue is amazingly detailed!
It's a wigwag!
Love the sign!
Beautiful art gracing the wall that the Red Car Trolley enters the park from its garage area!
The Red Car Trolley passing in front of The Hollywood Tower Hotel! It feels like the 1920s/1930s!
Here is a look at my map collection! The first one on the left is the Cast Member Preview Map from 2001, the Guest Preview Map, The Opening Day Map and finally the Re-opening Map!
Here we can compare the Opening Day Map o nthe top with the Re-Opening Map on the bottom! How the park has grown over the last 11 years!
I finish with the Media Day Map when Disney California Adventure was closed on June 14th and a copy of The Buena Vista Bugle!

Hope you enjoyed this look at the NEW Disney California Adventure Park so far! Next I will show you Cars Land on Re-Opening Day!


  1. Thanks for the tour! Have never been to DCA so I enjoyed all the pictures!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully you get to come and visit!