Thursday, June 28, 2012

Buena Vista Street History: Los Feliz Five & Dime Variety Store, 2628 Buena Vista St.

Origins of name: Los Feliz Five & Dime is themed to a vintage five-and-dime, or variety, store like one that might have been found in Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood in the 1920s. Los Feliz is near the Silver Lake neighborhood, where Walt Disney moved his cartoon studio after it had outgrown its original Los Angeles location on Kingswell Avenue.
Fictional back story: The store bills itself as having the "lowest prices, biggest selection, guaranteed! And remember ... if we don't have what you're looking for, we'll order it!"
Street address: The "28" in the address number represents the year Mickey and Minnie Mouse made their cinematic debut, in the 1928 black-and-white cartoon "Steamboat Willie."
What it really sells: T-shirts, fleece, hats, figurines, souvenirs, etc.

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