Friday, June 29, 2012

Buena Vista Street History: Big Top Toys Store, 2642 Buena Vista St.

Origins of name: Big Top Toys is a nod to the Disney animated classic "Dumbo," about a baby elephant who grows up as a circus performer. The 1941 film provided much of the design inspiration for the store, including the background music.
Fictional back story: Big Top Toys bills itself as "the biggest little toy shop in the world," with "three rings of the finest toy selection anywhere."
Street address: The "42" in the address number is a tribute to the year "Dumbo" was released – 1941. However, since only even numbers are used on the east side of Buena Vista Street, the address number was rounded up to "42." Also, "Dumbo" was released in October 1941, so it was still playing in theaters in 1942.
What it really sells: Toys, games, plush, etc.

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