Monday, July 2, 2012

Buena Vista Street History: Mortimer's Market, Buena Vista Street

Origins of name: Mortimer is the name Walt Disney initially gave to Mickey Mouse. He changed the name at the urging of his wife, Lillian, who preferred Mickey. But Disney subsequently created a second mouse named Mortimer, featured in the 1936 cartoon "Mickey's Rival."
Fictional back story: Mortimer's boasts the "freshest fruit in town ... guaranteed!" In a nod to the slapstick charm of early Mickey Mouse cartoons – or perhaps because Mortimer became Mickey's rival as they fought for Minnie Mouse's affections – Mortimer's Market proclaims, "If our fruits were any fresher, we'd have to slap them!"
Street address: No address number
What it really sells: Fresh fruit, beverages

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