Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sasaki Time's Dapper Tour of Walt Disney's Disneyland! The Jungle Cruise!

Our Dapper Tour of Walt Disney's Disneyland continues in Adventureland! This time we will focus on the Jungle Cruise, still here and still popular since Opening Day! On the months leading up to Opening Day, Walt featured the Jungle Cruise on many episodes of his television show, making this attraction one of the most eagerly anticipated.

The beautiful entrance to the world famous Jungle Cruise.

The upper boathouse queue was not originally here and is a more recent addition to the attraction but the view from here makes it look like Adventureland is vast and goes on deep into the horizon.

A boat of tourists returning from their epic trek into the wild unknown. It doesn't look like everyone returned!

I believe I have found my new fishing spot! I hope there are no piranhas!

Having boarded our boat, we wave goodbye to those on the dock and we are off into the jungle! We say goodbye to civilization and hope for a safe journey.

Our first major sighting is a very large and hungry tiger with some alligator friends all in a ruined ancient city. Hopefully we will discover more on our journey!

One of the most feared creatures in all the jungle! Insert elephant or mother-in-law joke here! Our skipper's words, not mine!

We are mesmerized by the beauty of the jungle! But where there is beauty there is also danger!

We are approaching one of the most rare sights in all the jungle! The backside of water!

More tourists on their way! Hope they have as safe a journey as we did!

We are approaching the return to civilization! Here is the friendly native Trader Sam! I hear he has a special today! Two of his heads for one of yours!

Kristen and I have returned safely to civilization! We hope you enjoyed the second of our series of Sasaki Time's Dapper Tour of Walt Disney's Disneyland with a look at the Jungle Cruise!

Look for more in the series as we take closer looks at some of the attractions here when Walt was here!  

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