Monday, April 27, 2015

Sasaki Time's Dapper Tour of Walt Disney's Disneyland! The Mark Twain Riverboat and Wheelhouse!

Our Dapper Tour of Walt Disney's Disneyland continues with the Mark Twain Riverboat. While the Mark Twain was an opening day attraction, it's history goes as far back as Walt's first plan for a Mickey Mouse Park that was to be built across the street from the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. The idea for the park grew and became Disneyland.

One of the really cool things that you may be able to do at the Mark Twain is to ride in the Captain's Wheelhouse. At the Captain's discretion, a small number of Guests are allowed to ride in the wheelhouse with the Captain.

We asked at the Mark Twain entrance if we could ride in the wheelhouse and were able to ride in the wheelhouse on the next trip around the Rivers of America. This was a really cool experience as it was not only Kristen's first time on the Mark Twain but she got to ride the Mark Twain in style.

Here I am climbing up the stairs from the Captain's living quarters into the wheelhouse.

Our Captain for this journey is Captain Jeremy! He was amazing and clearly loved cruising around the river!

Captain Jeremy commanding the Mark Twain and blowing the whistle to let all of New Orleans Square that we are on our way!

Kristen is just timeless here as she look along the riverbanks.

The views make it easy to see why people fell in love with being on the river.

It's Kristen's turn behind the wheel!

I get to blow the whistle as we head around Pirate's Lair!

Just a lovely day for a trip down the Rivers of America.

Another timeless photo of Kristen as we make our approach for shore.

Kristen signs the Captain's log book.

And we proudly show off our Pilot's Certificates!

What a great way to spend some time on one of the original attractions here at Disneyland! Thanks to Kevin for the amazing photos and to Captain Jeremy for his kindness and knowledge along the Rivers of America!

Hope you enjoyed our Dapper Tour of the Mark Twain as Disneyland Celebrates it's 60th Anniversary!

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