Monday, April 20, 2015

Star Wars Celebration 2015: Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing Experience

With so many amazing things to see and do during Star Wars Celebration 2015, my absolute favorite experience had the longest line for the shortest experience! This was the Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing Experience! My friend Brian, Cesar and I braved the three hour wait for the coolest 15 second video you will see at the end!

Star Wars Battlefront is the highly anticipated video game from EA. They debuted the trailer at Star Wars Celebration and this is the game I have been dreaming of! Check out the trailer below:

Amazing, right? Well off to the side of their booth they had an X-Wing mock-up with some X-Wing pilot costumes and video editing equipment! They were going to allow you to suit up and put yourself into a video trailer for Star Wars Battlefront!

While waiting in line you can watch the team quickly splicing your video to upload onto YouTube and send it to you via email!

Brian and I are ready to go! The galaxy has never seen two finer pilots!

Our other friend Cesar is seen here entering the cockpit of the X-Wing and you can watch his video session!

Take a look at my finished video! I decided to have some fun and do not encourage you to fly an X-Wing while texting!

Hope you enjoyed a look at one of my favorite experiences here at Star Wars Celebration 2015!

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