Monday, April 20, 2015

Star Wars Celebration 2015: Sasaki Time's Favorite Cosplay!

Take a look at some of my favorite cosplay at Star Wars Celebration 2015! While most people focus on taking photos of just the cosplayer, I wanted to focus on taking photos with them! Always remember to ask if it's ok to take their photo and let them know how awesome their costume is!

The Emperor himself has arrived with his AT-AT walker!

Bad Robot was there!

I honestly took a double take here! I thought the bearded one himself was here!

This helmet says it all! Amazingly creepy!

This stormtrooper was on vacation!

A Jedi from Planet of The Apes!

Steampunk and Kendo Jedi's!

I joined this hunting party of ewoks to find Jar Jar!

One of my favorite costumes of the entire Celebration! This Mandalorian Spartan was amazing! I loved the shield and the helmet!

This pair of Vulcan Jedi were amazing!

The best group cosplay were these Muppets! So happy to be able to take a photo with these guys!

Even Waldorf and Statler were there as Imperial officers!

Elsa as a Jedi! The Force never bothered her anyway!

This slave Leia was not only gorgeous but one of the nicest people I met at Celebration!

Darth Claus and his merry elves!

I was almost killed by this wampa and group from Hoth!

Another awesome group cosplay here!

Hiro and Baymax as Jedi were there as well!

Hope you enjoyed a look at some of my favorite cosplay at Star Wars Celebration 2015!

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