Saturday, March 1, 2014

Captain America: The Living Legend & Symbol of Courage Preview at Disneyland!

Take a look at the Captain America Meet and Greet opening at Innoventions in Disneyland on Friday March 7th!
I love this image of the Cap!
Bringing the third Marvel character to Innoventions is a no-brainer with the Captain America sequel opening next month!
Words to describe the legend!
Check out the various prototype shields as well as the actual Captain America shield. These were all designed by Howard Stark!
As you can see I am the same size as pre-serum Steve Rogers!
Here is one the Cap's World War 2 uniforms!
The Cap and I have met before! The top photo is from the D23 Expo last year and the bottom photo is from Saturday March 1, 2014! Yes I know the salute at the top is wrong but it was how the WDI guys at the photo location asked to take the photo.
Here is the full photo from March 1 with Captain America!

The Captain America: The Living Legend & Symbol of Courage opens to the public on Friday March 7th, 2014 inside Innoventions at Disneyland!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theatres April 4th, 2014!

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