Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bruxie's Opening Day in Colorado! Reviewed by a Non-Waffle Fan! Would she become a Waffle Fan? Read on to find out!

Hi Food Fans and Bruxie Fans! The latest member of the Bruxie Family has opened it's doors in Colorado! Friend and Guest Writer Heidi was there to cover opening day for Sasaki Time! Would this non-waffle fan enjoy a gourmet waffle place? Read on to find out!

My Tuesday began just like any other Tuesday. Wake up, go to work, etc. This time, however, Jason surprised me with a Bruxie post on Facebook, and a command (Jason here - I wouldn't say command but more like suggested) that I needed to go and check it out today. Apparently, Bruxie had ventured out of California for the first time ever, and chosen Denver as a new spot. 

What is Bruxie? My knowledge of Bruxie was little to none. All I knew is that a lot of my friends in California love it. Me? Waffles? Sandwiches? Eh, no thanks. Not my thing. That just doesn't sound good to me at all. 

And yet, I was intrigued. I had accompanied Jason on a food outing when I visited California a few months back, and it turned out well. The food was great. I've known Jason for about 12-ish years, and he seems pretty legit. I convinced my friend to go with me after work. 

Bruxie now has a shop in Glendale, CO. This is pretty much Denver. It is in a strip mall, near a Barnes and Noble, Pinkberry and Tokyo Joes. When we pulled up, it looked like it might not be open. Had Jason led me astray for the first time ever? Nope. Plenty of people inside, but not much of a wait (it was after 18:30).

A friendly kid who was either training or being trained, cheerfully opened the door for us and explained Bruxie to us. After much contemplation, I ordered the Roasted Mushroom & Local Goat Cheese sandwich, adding sundried tomatoes. My friend ordered the Premium Albacore Tuna Melt. I'm not usually a dessert person, but noticed they had Lemon Meringue "Pie" (their quotes, not mine), which is my all-time favorite, so I ordered that too. 

There seemed to be quite a few employees around, but that was most likely due to the fact that it was the Grand Opening, and so I anticipate there was a lot of training going on. All the employees were attentive. Some came around offering free custard samples. 

When we got our food, I was still a little skeptical. Not sure about this waffle sandwich business. Let me tell you, I might've been a skeptic, but after trying it (and not putting down the sandwich until I was done), I can honestly say it was so good. For me, the goat cheese was perfect, the sundries tomatoes were awesome, and really, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole meal. My friend agreed. The Lemon Meringue "Pie" was really like a lemon meringue pie meets waffle - so good.

As we were finishing our meal, a person who looked like he was the chef was making his way around the restaurant. He talked with us a bit, and asked us about our meal. I told him my friend from California encouraged me to come and check it out today. This man, it turns out, was none other than Dean Simon, one of the originators of Bruxie! 

For me, the moral of this food outing is to always listen to Jason Sasaki and follow the food adventures of Sasaki Time:). Oh, and to go eat at Bruxie if you are in Denver. 

Thanks for awesome article and the kind words my friend! So, check out Bruxie if you are in the Denver area of the Southern California area!

Bruxie in Glendale, CO
1000 South Colorado Blvd
DenverCO 80246

Hours: Everyday 7am to 9pm

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