Sunday, March 16, 2014

Disney California Adventure Trip Report March 14, 2014: Photos From Around The Park!

It's another trip report through Disney California Adventure on a lovely St. Patrick's Day weekend! The weather is warm and Spring is in full swing!
Some great Muppets merchandise has arrived with the new film Muppets Most Wanted opening this coming Friday!
Even more Muppets merchandise! I love that they have Waldorf and Statler shirts!
Trying to be creative with this shot of the fireplace in the Beast's Library!
I love the digital projectors in the Animation Building courtyard! I wish they would do this for Soarin' Over California!
The digital clarity makes the cells come alive! They are so vibrant!
I love conceptual art!
I could literally sit in the courtyard for hours watching each world.
More conceptual art!
Since it is St. Patrick's Day weekend I had to include a photo of this four leaf clover!
Lightning is on his way to the Cozy Cone!
Red is leaving the Cozy Cone. I don't think I have ever seen him there before.
You cannot help but take photos in Cars Land. Later on in this post there are some night shots!
It's always about the little things like this pin trading sign! Such a great detail!
So we are on Route 66 and Cross Street!
Another one of my, "You Should Always look Up" series! Love these classic carousel animals.
So much history in this room.
Love this classic bumper car!
Did you know the voice of California Screamin' is Neil Patrick Harris?
Sit back and off you go.....
Have you ever noticed this newspaper on the boardwalk with the debut date of our friend Mickey Mouse?
Mr. Potato Head entertains the crowd in front of Toy Story Midway Mania.
Does anyone know if this was an actual shirt logo that was sold when the park opened? If not it needs to become one!
Same with this logo!
And this logo! These would make awesome shirts and I would buy one of each!
A very picturesque day in the Grizzly Peak Recreational Area.
The picture spots are all now Nikon sponsored ones. Nikon is now the official camera of The Disneyland Resort.
A blustery day means the California flag proudly flapping in the breeze!
Another great photo spot is in front of Frog Jump Falls.
One of my favorite things in Disney California Adventure is the variety of great environments to take photos in. You really feel immersed in each area.
The mighty Grizzly Peak!
Rafters heading down the flume to a very wet finale!
The Carthay always looks great!
So many flowers to take photos of!
The moon is making its appearance as evening begins.
Sarge's American flag is flying proudly!
The neon is coming to life as evening falls.
Flo's prepares for the dinner rush.
Luigi's is brightly lit up.
Cars Land comes to life at night with its wide variety of neon lights.
Just another pretty evening in Radiator Springs.
One of my favorite neon signs in Cars Land.
DJ is ready for the night!
The mountain range looks fantastic with its lighting.
Heading to the Finish Line!
The moon makes her appearance.
Are we still in Anaheim?
The Carthay is even more beautiful at night.
And as you can see we have reached the end!

Hope you enjoyed the photo tour through Disney California Adventure! Please feel to leave comments or photo requests in the comments section below!

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