Saturday, February 15, 2014

Restaurant Review: Crossroads at House of Blues!

It's another week and that means it is time for yet another restaurant review! This time I was doing some guest blogging for my friend Sara over at Budget Savvy Diva! I was able to experience dinner at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney Anaheim and take along my good friend Rachelle!

Crossroads is the name of the menu that was created by Chef Aaron Sanchez who many of may recognize from The Food Network.
Check out this extensive beer list! How does one decide? Well you simply ask your server and see what they recommend!
Our server for the evening was Mary! She recommended the Golden Chaos from Bootlegger's, a local brewery in Fullerton, CA. I think I found a new favorite! A smooth beer with none of that typical beer aftertaste!
Based on another one of Mary's recommendations we went with the Angus sliders! Each Angus slider has ketchup, mustard, cheddar cheese, deep friend onion rings and pickled jalapeno peppers. Great flavors and the pickled jalapeno pepper was a spicy surprise! The portion size was perfect!
And we also went with the voodoo shrimp! Sauteed jumbo shrimp with an amber beer reduction sitting on top of housemade jalepeno cornbread. This appetizer is pretty heavy and combined with the Angus sliders we were starting to get full. The shrimp were tender and flavorful! The amber beer reduction and the jalapeno cornbread combined perfectly with the taste of the shrimp!
Rachelle went with Mary's suggestion of the shrimp and grits! Jumbo shrimp with a chipotle garlic cream sauce, layered over a housemade crispy fried grit cake and served with sweet teardrop tomatoes! This was one fantastic dish! The flavors are so rich and blend so perfectly together! This is a must order dish!
I went with the St. Louis Ribs! There is another half rack of ribs under what you can see! The slow cooked rack of ribs were rubbed with Adobo spice covered in smoked tomato BBQ sauce. They were served with coleslaw and BBQ baked beans! The meat fell off the bones and were so full of flavor! I actually wished that I had some cornbread to go along with this! But the coleslaw and the baked beans went together perfectly with the ribs! This was more than a meal and I took quite a bit of this home!
Even though we didn't really have room for dessert, we decided to go for it! Rachelle went with the bourbon bread pudding! It was so dense and flavorful! It combined bananas and white chocolate with a bourbon caramel sauce and topped with whipped cream and served a la mode! One of the best bread puddings I have ever had!
I went with the triple chocolate cheesecake! Three layers of chocolate cheesecake with seasonal berries and whipped cream! If you love chocolate like I do then you will love this! But get some coffee or a glass of milk to go with this! Or get what I got in the next picture!
And I topped off the evening with an Irish Coffee once again recommended by our amazing Mary! They really make this drink strong! So you have been warned.

Such a fantastic evening with a great friend, great food and an awesome server! The Crossroads menu is filled with so many great options! Large portions and fantastic flavors will make you come back again and again! If you go to the House of Blues in Downtown Disney Anaheim please ask for Mary!

Thanks once again to Sara for the opportunity!

Disclaimer: The entire meal including drinks was taken care of by the House of Blues but the opinion is strictly my own!

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