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Dapper Day at The Disneyland Resort! Feb. 23, 2014!

What is Dapper Day? Dapper Day was created to celebrate the tradition of stepping out in style. When people would put on their Sunday best and head outside!

Dapper Day events at Disney Parks started three years ago in 2011. They were inspired by the original concept art for the park from the original Imagineers. But by no means do you have to only wear attire from the 1950s, no the idea is to simply look one's best and enjoy a day in the parks! Such a marvelous idea and I am planning on making this my must go to event each and every year!
So, with my two lovely friends Kristen and Stephanie, who both love to dress up for this kind of thing, we were off to The Disneyland Resort! We decided to head into Disney California Adventure first and take as many fun photos as we could!

I love black and white photos and sepia tone photos to add to the charm of this event! There are a few color photos as well! I hope you do not mind the variation! I thought it would add even more interest to this post!
We then headed off to Cars Land and had to take a photo in front of the amazing Radiator Springs Racers! Black and white just felt right here. The theming is very 1950s though the movie takes places in current times. There is a sense of time standing still and I felt that black and white was the way to step back into the past even if only for a few minutes.
Along the way we had to stop off for some souvenirs!
Then we headed to Paradise Pier! This is one of my favorite photos of the day! Everything here feels timeless and if it weren't for the raised platforms of the World of Color nozzles, it would seem like a day in the 1950s at a classic California beach amusement park.
Here we are being silly! You have to have some fun after all!
Another timeless photo in my opinion. Just enjoying another day at the beach.
Then we were off to Hollywood Land! And we made it inside the abandoned lobby of the once proud Hollywood Tower Hotel. Legend says that on one stormy Halloween night, five people stepped into the elevator and disappeared. The hotel closed and then one day it mysteriously reopened.
I love this backdrop in front of the Hyperion Theatre. As far as I know it is the only place where the sun sets in the East.
Then we made our way for drinks. A little refreshment was long overdue with all of the hard work we were putting in to be the subject of some fantastic photos! By chance we were invited into the exclusive 1901 Lounge for drinks. This Club 33 member only lounge is located in The Carthay Circle Restaurant.
I went with the scotch mist which is known to be Walt Disney's favorite drink.
Kristen had a fabulous pear martini.
And Stephanie went with a classic Pimm's Punch.
At the bar in 1901, they have these chairs with Walt and Lillian's name on them. Even the boss and his wife have special privileges at the club. I had to sit in the boss's seat at least once!
The ladies look classic Hollywood here in Walt and Lillian's seats. The black and white looked classic and felt right. I almost expect Walt to walk up any minute now.
Stephanie and I took a seat to see what it feel like to be part of the Hollywood elite.
One fabulous shot of all three of us in front of the bar in 1901.
We end out day in the gift shop of The Hollywood Tower Hotel in front of this beautiful piece of artwork depicting what the hotel looked like before that fateful Halloween night.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of Dapper Day. In September we will take photos in Disneyland! Unless we find an excuse to take photos in the parks before that!

To learn more about Dapper Day, check out their website at:

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