Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Legoland Sea Life Aquarium Trip Report!

The Sea Life Aquarium is a new addition to Legoland California. You can go and visit for a $15 upgrade to your park ticket or get a park hopper or a resort hopper.
The aquarium showcases the various water environments that you would find in the state of California.
The first section shows the fish that you would find in the gold rush section of the state.
The next section showcases the San Francisco Harbor and is home to this octopus.
Then we move to the California coast and see the waves in action!
The latest exhibit is called Claws, showcasing the clawed crustaceans of the oceans! Here is the gigantic Japanese Spider Crab!

A massive lobster!
Here we are at the Southern California tide pool where you can touch the starfish and other creatures in the tide pool.
We have now entered the sea life lab and here are some jellyfish!
Legos and sharks are here in the Lost City of Atlantis!
More Legos and more sharks!
He looks like he is resting!
The sharks seem like they are protecting the secrets of Atlantis!
We have left the Lost City of Atlantis and made it to the surf break!
We have found a moray eel.
There is one last tank in the Ocean Journey Cafe and the end of the aquarium.
One last shark to say goodbye!

The Sea Life Aquarium is a great way to learn about the water environments in California. Kids will love all the exhibits and learn a great deal about the ocean and rivers.

To learn more check out their website:

*Disclaimer: Transportation, lodging and meals were provided by Kia but the opinions expressed are strictly my own.*

Photos by Jason

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