Saturday, March 30, 2013

2013 Bubblefest at the Discovery Science Center!

Hard to believe that it's time for Bubblefest! A year has quickly come and gone and it is here at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana until April 14th!

And believe it or not, it is the 17th Year of Bubblefest! This time I took my good friend Kris and her son Sebastian to the event!

So tickets and media pass in hand, let's go!
Here Kris is helping Seb make a giant bubble! There are so many hand on activities to keep all tje kids busy.
Then Seb went to give it a try to be a boy in a bubble on the water.
He did a great job!
Then Seb saw the giant slide! He had to go on it!
Here he comes!
Next time I will try a smoothie from here! This is one of the stands out to get coffee, tea or a smoothie.
The hit from last year is back! Yep these crazy chickens were back to sing and tell jokes!
It was time for us to go into the main event! The Mega Bubble Show! This is the highlight of Bubblefest and should not be missed!
Deni Yang puts on an amazing show!
In front of the stage is a kids zone and as you can see the kids love bubbles!

Pro Tip: There is no photography or video recording allowed except for those with Media Credentials.
Deni does some really cool stuff with smoke and bubbles!
Deni puts a young boy inside a bubble!
Then he puts a young boy and girl in a bubble together!
The finale is a crazy amount of bubbles combines with lasers!
Yes, that is all bubbles around Deni! Awesome show and you and your family will love it! Seb had a great time watching all the cool things that Deni can make out of bubbles!
There are several food trucks out for anyone hungry. Here is one of my favorites, The Viking Truck!
Crepes Bonaparte, another favorite is here!
I have seen The Flip Truck out and about but still have never had anything from here.
But we went to go play with more bubbles before we ate. Here science and fun combine for a great experience!
Seb had a great time and then decided it was time for us to eat!
We all went to The Viking Truck! I had the massive broadsword hot dog and a side of dragon eggs!
After eating we went inside and got tickets for the Indy exhibit. This has been my favorite exhibit thus far at the Discovery Science Center!

I won't include any photos here since I covered the grand opening last year. Here are the two links to that event:

Indiana Jones Exhibit Part One

Indiana Jones Exhibit Part Two

Seb helped out to dig up an ancient treasure! Then we went to go explore the rest of the Discovery Science Center!
Seb then went to send a rocket up in the air using water pressure!
 Here Seb's hair is trying to withstand winds of 80 miles per hour!
 Doing some work at the Lego workstation.
You van record your own play-by-play of a Ducks game!
One of my favorite areas, a grocery store for kids to learn which products are environmentally friendly.
And one last thing to try out, a fun game to teach you all about recycling.

There is so much to do here! Seb had a great time and pretty much tired himself out by the end! Bubblefest was once again a blast and there are big crowds. I suggest you arrive early and get as much done while it is still nice and cool and then end the day exploring the inside of the Discovery Science Center.

To learn more about the Discovery Science Center, check out their website at:

Admission Prices

General Admission

  • Children (ages 3-14): $12.95
  • Adults (ages 15+): $15.95
  • Seniors (ages 62+): $12.95
  • Parking: $4.00

Mega Bubblefest Laser Show

  • DSC Members: $5 per person  Buy Member Tickets >
  • Non-Members: $7 per person (in addition to general admission)

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology

  • DSC Members: $8 per person  Buy Member Tickets >
  • Non-Members: $10 per person (in addition to general admission)
Now through April 21, download and print your voucher for free kids’ admission to Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology (limit one free admission per paid adult, see coupon for details).


*Disclaimer: Bubblefest tickets were provided for by the Discovery Science Center but the opinions expressed are strictly my own*

Photos by Jason

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