Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sasaki Time Shoes created by Shoes By Smiley!

Here they are - the amazing Shoes created by my awesome friend Amanda! She took my Lil Oishi mascot (I promise to utilize him more) created by Jerrod Maruyama and I let her do what she wanted! So the above is the outside of shoes! Look at the details!
Here are the insides of the shoes! The Darth Maul Lil Oishi is an original creation by Amanda! The Hawaiian Shirt Lil Oishi is the debut of the a design I haven't shown from Jerrod Maruyama!
Here are the tongues of my shoes! Of course the awesome retro looking Sasaki Time Disney logo would be on my shoes!
Here are the backs of the shoes! Then you know who is in front of you!
Here Lil Oishi artist Jerrod Maruyama gets a look at Amanda's work!

  Here is the video so you can see my reaction to my new shoes!

These are the coolest shoes ever and I already want another pair from Amanda! What should I get?

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