Saturday, March 8, 2014

Disneyland Trip Report: March 8, 2014 - Big Thunder, Starbucks, Flowers and Steampunk!

Time to bring you another Trip Report to Disneyland! Check out the new Starbucks that is getting ready to open in Downtown Disney. It is located next to the west entrance of the World of Disney Store. It opens March 10th!
They built a lovely patio space! This is going to be one packed patio!
But the real reason to be here today is to go ride the massively refurbished Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! So, off to Frontierland we go!
The beautiful mountain range is back! The mountain has never looked more vibrant!
One of my favorite attractions in the park and my first coaster that I ever went on as a kid!
Such a great day to be in Disneyland!
Oh I can't wait to go on!
Here comes a train! Hold on to your hats and glasses everybody!

Thunder is only open for Cast Members and their friends and family. I went last night as well as early this morning. Since this is a preview there was no photography allowed on the ride itself and you will get no spoilers from me! But I will tell you that the track has been completely replaced and the ride is as smooth as butter! It is so smooth that it actually feels like it is going faster than ever! Lots of brand new or replaced items throughout the entire attraction as well as one awesome finale on the last lift hill! As an FYI, the finale effects look much better at night!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad re-opens back to the public on March 17th!
It was a very quiet day. Even the train seemed to be at peace.
I love the variety of colors to be found here! Everything looks brand new, oh wait, it's because everything is brand new!
The mining town of Big Thunder has even been completely rebuilt from the ground up!
With having been on Big Thunder way too many times to count it was time to enjoy the unusual quietness of the park on a Saturday morning. Time to take in some details!
The smallest details add to the experience whether you notice them or not.
The blue flowers here just pop!
I love how it feels like you are no longer in Disneyland.
Taking a look at the back side of the mountain range.
Once again it's about the details that make everything feel just right.
Spring is here! I had to stop and take some photos of the flowers!
I love the colors on this one!
Too many perfect flowers to take photos of!
Before I headed out I took a look at the Steampunk exhibit at The Disneyland Gallery on Main Street. Goofy is hard at work trying to figure out how to get the train going.
Daisy Duck reminds me of The Rocketeer for some reason.
Donald Duck looks so determined here on his steampunk Jungle Cruise boat.
I love the look on Donald's face here!
Mickey looks rather dapper here.
One of my favorite vehicles in any Disney movie, the Nautilus, from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.
A model of an Aquatopia vehicle from Tokyo DisneySea.
A model of one of the boats that sits in the water in Tokyo DisneySea.
A model of one of the vehicles for the Journey to The Center of The Earth attraction in Tokyo DisneySea.

The exhibit also features some great artwork of attractions and lands that have been built as well as some that have never come to be.
As you can see this trip report has come to an end! Hope you enjoyed the quick tour! Please comment and let me know what else you would like to see from Disneyland or Disney California Adventure!


  1. Have you ever been to Disney World? I would be really interested in hearing a comparison between Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom…what's the same, what's different, what's better in each place...

  2. Loved this blog! All the pictures were beautiful and interesting......especially when enlarged. Been a long time since I was at Disneyland in CA so thank you for the pictures!

  3. Teej I haven't been there in years and was planning on going back soon but may be heading to Japan next year to see their parks. But that is a great idea to compare the two U.S. resorts!

  4. Thank you Bonnie! Look for more trip reports throughout the year!

  5. Love this! We will be there in a week. thanks for the fun pics and info!

  6. Tena look forward to hearing about your visit :)