Friday, January 3, 2014

Restaurant Review: Sake 2 Me AYCE Sushi Tustin!

As many of you know I love sushi and I have to go to an All You Can Eat (AYCE) place to get my fill. Typically the problem with AYCE places is that they skimp on the quality or the sashimi and usually increase the amount of rice to get you full faster and help save them on cost. But here is a place that has changed my thoughts on terms or sashimi quality and rice to sashimi ratio! Welcome to Sake 2 Me! 
They start off your meal with these tasty sushi crab nachos. I don't really know what they are called but it is a spicy crab mixture on top of a crispy wanton that is meant to be like a tortilla chip. They bring you one per person and a good way to start off your meal.
They have a quite a few specials that are included on the AYCE like this amazing Cajun Popcorn Lobster Roll. So much great stuff and you can't even see the California rolls that it is sitting on!
This is another one of their specials, a Rolly Polly Roll which is salmon, albacore or yellowtail stuffed with crab! This is the salmon you see here and you can see how thick the slices of sashimi are!
There are also a number of appetizers you can order like these delicious calamari tempura! The calamari is prepared perfectly and doesn't taste like rubber like you get from other places. I also like the onion ring size portions.
They also have baked mussels. The sauce has a bit of a kick to it and are one of my favorites!
I was surprised that they even have chicken katsu on their AYCA menu! This is one of my favorites and have to order it every time I come!
Here is one of our first sushi orders! Look at the colors! So many great flavors and the freshness is clearly there! Some places I have been to have fish that has been frozen and thawed and you can taste that something is not quite right.
This is the peppered tuna and as you can see here the rice to sashimi ration is crazy! Imagine the rice being the size of half of your thumb and the sashimi being cut thick and the length of your middle finger.
Eel is one of my favorites and the ration from rice to eel is once again crazy as well. I have never seen larger slices of eel!
More salmon sushi and once again you can clearly see the rice to sashimi ratio here!
The last thing I usually order are hand rolls and of course I ordered a salmon handroll! Massive thick slices of salmon fill up this handroll!

This place can get really busy but the staff works hard to get your orders out to you!

Check out their website to learn more:

Sake 2 Me Sushi
  • 13951 Carroll Way
    Ste A
  • Tustin, CA 92780
  • Phone number(714) 731-6980

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