Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Legoland California Trip Report!

I haven't been to Legoland in Carlsbad in about three years. So, when the option to go came up with my Kia Social Media Trip, I jumped on it. I have been a huge Lego fan all my life and as an adult I will admit that I still have Legos around!
One of the biggest changes is the new Legoland Hotel opening April 5th! This place looks so cool and it's just the outside of the building! Maybe Legoland needs a blogger to come and review the hotel?
Pretty much as close as one can get. This is a great looking dining area.
Let's go into the park!
As to be expected their are lots of things made out of Lego's!
I love the dinosaurs!
 They have a great area to grab a bucket and a shovel to go and try to dig up some dinosaur fossils!
There are quite a few rides throughout the park. One of my favorites is this Safari Ride! There are lots of great Lego animals to take photos of!
The Lego Master Builders are so good!
Fairy Tale Brook is another favorite. You board Lego leaves and float around some of your favorite fairy tales all done in Lego's unique sense of humor.
For instance, Prince Charming is talking on his iPhone!
Hanging with Harry and Hagrid!
There are also lots of great interactive areas. My favorite is this musical instrument interactive area! There are areas to step on that activate the various musical instruments!
And there are a lot of great photo ops like this!
It's ok to take a nap anywhere here! lol
Legoland has a water park. It is a separate admission and while I had a park hopper ticket to go in, I choose not to go.
You can take a mini Factory Tour and see how Lego's are made.
The best men's restroom sign ever!
There are fun walk thrus such as this where you are encouraged to explore and try to find the seven keys.
The shark got me lol
Make you sure you look everywhere! You will find great things like this guard asleep at his post!
This is the place to go for one of my favorite snacks!
I always have to get an order of Granny's Apple Fries when I am here! You take granny smith apples, dust them with sugar and cinnamon, some special magic and then serve them warm with a vanilla cream dipping sauce! they are so amazing!
One of my favorite features of Legoland is their Mini Land section. They added the Star Wars Mini Land. I have included a link to another post dedicated to just that section of the park.

Click the link to see more photos from the Star Wars Mini Land!
Legoland Star Wars Mini Land
But I will tease you with just a few photos for now!
They also have this representation of the highlights of the state of California.
 I love the Victorian houses.
Amazing detail!
There is also this gorgeous view of the New York City skyline and the addition of the Freedom Tower!
It is easy to take way too many photos in this section of the park!
There is also an amazing section dedicated to the Vegas Strip!
I wish I could build things out of my Lego's like the Luxor!
Reaching out with the Dark Side of The Force!
Washington D.C. looks so impressive even in Lego form!
I ended my day with a visit to the Sea Life Aquarium, another part of the Legoland  Resort. And just like the Water Park requires a separate admission. I included a separate link to my review of the Sea Life Aquarium!

Click the link to see my Sea Life Aquarium Trip Report:
Legoland Sea Life Aquarium Trip Report

There is so much to see and do! Clearly this is a park geared towards families with younger children. But as an adult who still loves Legos, I still found this a great park to go and explore!

To learn more check out the Legoland California website:

*Disclaimer: Transportation, lodging and meals were provided by Kia but the opinions expressed are strictly my own.*

Photos by Jason


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