Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kia Classic: Review of the Golf Course and the Tournament!

Part of my social media trip with Kia was to attend a day at the 2013 LPGA Kia Classic. Kia was also gracious to arrange a meet and greet with Kia spokesperson golfer Michelle Wie! She came by to take photos and talk with us! She is a super gracious and friendly person. It was also great to find out she is from Oahu where my mom and dad are from so I knew they would appreciate Michelle and I doing the shaka! You have a new fan Michelle!
Thank you for the autograph Michelle!
Let's grab our media pass to allow for photography along the course and the Championship Club passes to allow access to the SkyBox on the 18th green!
But let's take a walk around the beautiful golf course at the Aviara! Here is the leader board on Saturday morning.
Kia was showcasing their latest creation the Cadenza. I cannot wait to drive this!
The clubhouse is gorgeous!
The entryway to the Champions Club and the SkyBox!
An open bar was provided for us.
Time for a Bloody Mary! One of the best I have ever had!
I always have to take a cheesy photo!
Here is the view from the SkyBox!
There are several gorgeous water features along the course.
Kia showcased all of their vehicles along the course.
It was actually really cool to be able to take photos of the golfers. I love the media pass!
This Kia Forte had an amazing backdrop!
Looks like a nature trail!
Such a great place to just take in the view and enjoy the tournament.
My friend Brian said this was one of the prettiest golf courses he ever walked on.
We walked the front 9 and then went back to the SkyBox for lunch! There were several salads, chicken wraps and tri-tip sliders!
The tri-tip was so moist and tender.
The bartender was kind enough to make me her own version of a Mai Tai.
Here is the view of the Park Hyatt Aviara from the golf course.
The back 9 is just as amazing as the front 9.
I love this rushing stream.
Can you imagine this as an extension of your backyard? There are some houses here that can!
Having never walked a major golf course before, I had no idea how vast it would be.
The first Kia that I reviewed. Can someone buy me this car? Thank you in advance!
Taking in the view from the 16th hole.
Here we are on the 18th!
Here is the view from the 18th to the SkyBoxes and the Cadenza floating on the water.
So cool to see a car "floating" on the water.
This is the SkyBox I was in.
One last stunning photo of the beauty of the golf course!

Such a great unique experience offered by the great folks at Kia! I have included the links to my review of the 2014 Kia Sorento and my review of the Park Hyatt Aviara.

*Disclaimer: Food, lodging and transportation were provided by Kia but the opinions expressed are my own!*

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