Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Face Painting: Becoming a Cheetah (San Diego Zoo)

This past weekend I was down in Coronado, CA for a Hyundai social media event. During the trip Hyundai added a contest for the best or most creative twitter photo or instagram photo. My driving partner James Hills of Man Tripping came up with an idea while we were at the San Diego Zoo. We would get our faces painted like an animal! James got his face painted like a tiger and I was going to get mine painted like a cheetah!
The following is a detailed photo journal of how quickly one can become transformed from a man to a wild animal!
I have to say that sitting still and having paint applied to my face was rather difficult since I am rather ticklish!
Sam, my face painter extraordinaire, was awesome! She was just great having to deal with James and myself plus fellow bloggers Phil and Eric that ran into us! 
Not sure if I was laughing due to Phil telling me that I was being up to look like a duck or if the sponge being used to apply the paint was tickling me!
 Getting close to the finish line!
 Almost done!
 I am pleased with the results!
 Sam was such a great sport to pose with James and I!
 While James and I didn't win the two prizes, we did win an honorable mention and a $25 iTunes gift card! Look out for the next thing we do at the next Hyundai social media event!

Face painting at the San Diego Zoo literally takes all of 5 minutes and costs $15 for the premium paint job like James and I got!

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  1. Nice art there Sam. I wish I can also be painted like the guys you painted. It really is nice. Two thumbs up for you!