Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OC Restaurant Week 2013: Quinn's Old Town Grill!

Tonight, my friend Kevin and I went to Quinn's Old Town Grill in Tustin to experience their OC Restaurant Week menu.
This was our first time here and I was already at home with the ambiance and warm and friendly service!
And this is the menu we were here for! A three course dinner for $20!

We noticed that the menu was slightly different from what was on the website. For instance, the first entree was listed as a prime "baseball" steak but here it is a salisbury steak. Also, the fish and chips were listed as halibut, but as you can see on the menu it is Alaskan cod. We were informed that halibut wasn't in season but would be in April. We did not ask about the steak.
The appetizer was a course of shrimp and oysters. Both were flavorful and delicious! This meal was off to a great start!
Kevin went with the Alaskan Cod Fish and Chips! The fish was light and flaky with a great crispy batter! The cole slaw was well balanced! He cleaned his plate so he obviously enjoyed it!
I went with the corned beef and cabbage. This plate came out steaming hot! Everything was fantastic! The cabbage was flavorful as were the carrots and green beans. The carrots had a great sweetness to them. The potatoes were great as well. But the corned beef was amazing! It was almost melt in your mouth soft! The mustard sauce was the icing on the cake! Just a fantastic dish! I would gladly order this again!
For dessert we had the warm shamrock brownie a la mode! I was so full but I had to try to at least eat part of this delicious looking dessert! I loved that the brownie was actually made up of smaller brownie squares! They were warm and not overly sweet! I think the best thing about this dessert was that it was so simple. Just ice cream, brownies, walnuts, chocolate syrup and caramel sauce all coming together to make a more than satisfying end to this great meal!
Not included in this meal, but I wanted to show you photos of the drinks we got. Kevin got an Irish Car bomb! It was his first and he polished it off in no time at all!
I went with my favorite Irish cider, Magners! Think of an apple cider with a good kick to it and you have Magners!
I had to include this somewhere in the review! On Wednesdays they have a magician who comes out and this is one of his tricks! Not that I needed a reason to go back but I will go back on a Wednesday for my next visit!

Old Town Grill

405 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780
Phone: (714) 731-2263
Website | Map

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